New app on the way for light rail riders

Technology continues to make our lives easier and easier. A new smartphone app will soon be available that will allow light rail riders the opportunity to purchase tickets via the app rather than waiting in line to do so.

This will give more passengers an opportunity to buy a ticket without risking missing a train by waiting in line at a vending machine. It will also help to eliminate passengers attempting to “steal” rides by hopping on the train even if they don’t have time to buy a ticket and risking the $50 penalty.

Passport is a local company headquartered on South Mint Street and is the “largest provider of cell phone payments for the parking and transit industries in North America.”  The company is partnering with Charlotte Area Transit System to develop the app, and testing should begin in the Spring.

For more details and information on the app and what it means for local Lynx Blue Line riders, check out the article at

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