Brightwalk and more spurs North End growth

Charlotte’s North End, the area that runs north from Uptown along Statesville Avenue and Tryon street up to Atando Avenue is seeing a lot of construction, with two projects in particular driving the growth.

One in particular, Brightwalk, is a growing development and will ultimately be home to 800 new town houses, single-family homes and apartments, and 452 of those units will be set aside for low income residents, as the development is founded by the not-for-profit group Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership. Brightwalk offers much more affordability than Dilworth or Plaza Midwood, and it is conveniently located near Uptown.

Hercules Industrial Park is also a major force behind the development of this area, which is about 75 acres of land on Statesville Avenue that includes warehouses, a formal Rite-Aid distribution center and a prized Ford factory from 1924. The New York-based development company that purchased the land plans to renovate and reuse much of the old factory, with the possibility of using the space for potential “work, artistic expression, dining and hospitality, entertainment, recreation and community building.”

Another North End development includes a possible warehouse rezoning on Woodward Avenue that would turn the space into a high and butcher shop, bakery and brewing facility by Heist Brewery.

Furthermore, apartments are slated to go up at 24th and North Pine Street where the old Tryon Hills apartment community was located. A rezoning petition has been filed to allow 343 new apartments and town houses to be built on part of the site.

Stay tuned for more developments in North End and beyond, and for more details and information on the construction projects happening here, be sure to read the full article at

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